A comfortable relationship

So many people are out there searching for a perfect relationship. People base what a relationship should be like off of movies, TV shows, and Twitter posts about ‘relationship goals.’ A goal in a relationship shouldn’t be just watching Netflix together, or a sweet text.
Have we really lowered our standards for love to the point all we are worried about is a goodnight text?

A perfect relationship does not exist; but a comfortable one does, and what more could you ask for than to be comfortable with the person that you love?

It’s when you’re ill in the morning and they know you’re not a morning person, so they are careful about what they say. It is saying what you need to hear, not what you want to hear… Even if it does hurt your feelings a little bit. It’s the ugliest snapchats and the dumbest inside jokes. It’s who you not only call with your bad news, but when something good happens to you. It’s believing in something- someone- no matter how much crap life has put in between you to rip you apart. It’s them knowing you hate tomatoes, so they purposely try to make you eat one just to laugh about it. It’s being able to laugh at eachother. It’s no matter how close you hold eachother, you’ll never get enough of them, and every single day will never be enough.

People say that you don’t trust someone if you get jealous. That isn’t true. if you love someone enough you’ll be jealous of the sun because it saw them more than you did that day.

It’s when you have stinky feet and they still rub them because you had a long day. It’s giving up Moes for Zaxbys, or vice versa.

It’s knowing at the end of the day that you always have arms to fall into, a joke to laugh along with, someone to share half your sandwich and give up the last slice of pizza with, someone to take it out on even when you don’t want to. It’s compromising when it’s hard, and staying stubborn when you want those dang chicken fingers and honey mustard.

Stop worshipping relationships on Twitter because people get surprised with Starbucks, goodnight texts (even though they are a plus), and spending every last dime on a person. Be with someone who makes you feel comfortable and you’ll realize you’ve already reached every ‘relationship goal’ there could ever be.



3 things to remember while you’re driving.

Speed limit. Limit. As in that’s as fast as you can go, not how many miles under the speed limit you can go until you have traffic backed up to Africa. 45 miles an hour is 45 miles an hour, not 30. The gas pedal- use it.


First of all, how dumb do you have to be? If you hit them, the wreck is your fault automatically. Your money, your insurance, and your time. If you are riding my bumper, I will break check you, or break my first traffic rule and literally go 15 miles an hour. If you have somewhere so important to be, why didn’t you leave 30 minutes ago? Not my problem.



If I let you in front of me, why don’t you wave? Is it too good for you to give someone a simple wave when you could’ve sat there longer until someone else as generous as me let you out? Or what about letting me out when I need to get out? You made eye contact. I know you saw me. When I let you cross the parking lot at school and you don’t wave, keep in mind that you’re lucky I did not run you over for trying to speed in front of my car in the first place. BE COURTEOUS AND THANKFUL.


You aren’t the only driver on the road.

For the love of my life

Today you asked me how I even think you are perfect as if you can’t see it-

The way the sun rises for you, but has to turn away whenever you smile, or how the stars come out to play for you every night

How your sheets prepare everyday to only be able to kiss you goodnight

How the flowers grow only to be picked by your gentle hands and how the grass stretches as high as possible to only have your feet sink into it

You don’t see how the wind competes for miles to be able to blow through your golden hair,
Or how the raindrops race to be the first to graze upon your cheek

You don’t see how there is not a blue on this earth- oceans or skies, that compare to the ones that rest in your eyes

There is not a sound-
As beautiful, calm, or wonderful as your voice, especially when you whisper secrets late at night

How your laughter can cure sadness and a million diseases

You don’t see how shameful the moon has to be because it will never shine quite as bright as the sunshine I have in my life. (you)


5 things I have learned to accept in high school.

1. Not everyone will like you. Through out the school career- elementary to high school, we all encounter someone who doesn’t exactly like us. As we get older, the number grows bigger… Especially in high school. Sometimes people won’t like you because you’re too rude, look better than them, are funnier than them, smarter than them… The list goes on. Sometimes people don’t like you just simply because they don’t like you. Accept it. But, don’t let it stop you from being who you are. The best thing in life to be is yourself, and I promise you will find those who accept who you truly are. You can’t please everyone without being fake, and even then it’s difficult- so stop trying.

2. People will talk about you. There will always be something said about you, whether you’re doing bad or good. Sometimes these things will be true, and sometimes they won’t. Most of the time, people will believe them. You know the truth, and the people that truly know you will know the truth as well. There is nothing you can do about it. There is not enough “keep my name out of your mouth“s in every high school in the world to stop a b*tchy girl from continuing to talk about you, or boys getting ahold of it and making it worse. It is going to happen. You have to accept it. Laugh it off. There will be something new next week. The sharpie fades off the bathroom walls. The tweet stops getting favorites. Life goes on.


3. You are going to make mistakes. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. It is inevitable, especially in high school. You’ll accidentally copy the wrong person’s homework, and get a bad grade. You probably won’t even do it sometimes. You’re going to talk about your friends, and they’ll find out. You’re going to be mean to the wrong person, you’re going to say stuff that you regret. You’ll be mean to your mom because you hated school today. You’ll say something hurtful to your dad because he’s grumpy from work. You’ll yell at your brother just because he wants to be around you. You’ll fail a test, maybe two. It happens. With this being said, the people you love make mistakes, too. Your friends will talk about you. Your teacher will accidentally put the wrong grade in. Your mom will take her anger out from a bad day on you. Your dad will get mad at you over something your sibling did. You’ll get in an argument with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you’ll both say things out of anger that you don’t mean. It’s okay. Remember that you make mistakes, too. Forgiving is an option, don’t hold grudges so much that you become bitter.


4. You don’t have to do what others are doing. People you know are going to drink alcohol and do drugs and rebel against their parents and ditch their friends and act like they don’t care about school. You don’t have to do what other people are doing just because it’s what’s ‘in’. If you’re a partier, party on. If you’re a home body, stay home. Do whatever you want, not what others what you to do. You aren’t cool because you drink and go to Waffle House at 2 AM. You aren’t cool because you get high and come to school. You aren’t cool because you are mean to your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, or innocent people. You aren’t cool because you sit in class and don’t do your work. Don’t confine yourself to what others do just because you think it makes you cool. Chances are, it won’t make you cool. It’ll just leave you hungover.


5. The friends you make now might not be here in the future. I’ve learned this in more ways than one.

• You (or they) might move away. I don’t mean 15 minutes, or even 30. Like hours away. The good ones will be there, but not everyday like they used to be. Not physically there in class to cause interruptions with, to walk the hallways with, or to stay the night with every night you get the chance. It’s fun to visit them, to FaceTime, and to text. But, you don’t get to experience all of high school with them and it sucks.

•They will stab you in the back. Some friends just do that. It’s hard and heart breaking and angering, but there is nothing you can do. If a friend you have is constantly hurting you, there is no need for them to be a part of your future. Even your present.

• You just grow apart. You get different classes, different friends, different interests. They may start partying too often, or maybe they’re the type that doesn’t keep up with your social fun. You go from staying the night, to not even a text. Maybe sometimes, “I haven’t seen you in a while.” And sometimes, you walk right by a person and you don’t even know them anymore. They look right at you, and then you walk away.


Bottom line, high school can be the best and worst times of your life. Sometimes, you just have to accept these things and just move on.

(To all my friends I moved away from, I think about you every single day.)

How to spot a fake friend in five ways

We’ve all been there. That one friend that screws you over for no reason. The literal Regina George.


Here’s how to spot them before you let them borrow half of your closet. P.S: you never get the clothes back.

1. They call you out in front of others or on social media about things they know truly embarrass you. Okay, we all joke. I get it. But you and all your friends know that one thing that is not okay to say in front of others. And what do these so called ‘friends’ do? Bring it up whenever they have the chance. At the lunch table when the attentions on you, during a roast and they take it too far to win, and the last but most definitely popular: replying to a tweet or commenting on a picture calling you out. (If you hide behind a screen to be a b*tch to your ‘friend’, you’re pathetic.) Seriously, get these people out of your life.

2. They only hit you up when it’s convenient for them. They want you around at 12:00 pm when it’s the boring part of Saturday. When their other friends are busy. But, Saturday night? They’re partying and you’re blown off and out of the picture. Ah, but they need you again at 1 AM when they’re drunk. Or when they want to ‘grab dinner’ with your family. When everyone else gets sick of them. You are not a doormat. You are a person. Walk. Away.

3. When they only come to you when things are going bad for them.
They want your advice on the boy, or their parents, or their other friends and once you talk them through it for two hours, they just don’t come to you again about anything until it’s bad again. You aren’t important enough to them for the good things, so why are you getting the annoying whiny end of the stick?


4. They constantly ‘forget’ important dates and things that are important to you. Even when it is something small like the night y’all were supposed to spend together and just hang out, or forgetting to ask you what happened with that girl or the boy you were having problems with. Or they can’t come out to your dinner plans because ‘they forgot.’

Why do you keep someone around that constantly forgets your importance in their life? Don’t make someone a priority in your life when you are just an option in theirs.

5. They constantly talk about their other ‘friends’ to you. NEWS FLASH: If they are talking about their other friends to you, they are talking about you. Every girl gossips, and it’s fun to gossip about girls that y’all don’t like- but it’s not okay when they talk about people they call their friends and then hang out with the same person the next day. They are doing the same thing to you.

Be aware of these signs to spot fake friends. It’s not worth the stress that comes along with it, and it isn’t worth it to have toxic people in your life. You don’t want people that constantly drain you… Be with friends that bring you up. Life is too short to spend with people who don’t truly care about you.


Let me just begin by saying that women are not required to wear makeup. It is not set in stone, a book, or the Bible that women must. But, of course, to most men and some other females it is set into their minds that wearing makeup is expected. We do not have to get up over an hour earlier than you to put our makeup on in the morning.

2015/01/img_4193.gif but here we are, nearly everyday doing just that.
And just for the record- Some girls get pretty everyday for their boyfriend. (Me, even though I do not have to.) Some get pretty everyday for themselves, because it feels nice to look nice. Some even get pretty to make another girl envy them even more… The reasons don’t even matter. Girls like to wear makeup. It’s fun.
Sometimes we don’t get enough sleep.
Sometimes we cry all night.
Sometimes we wake up too late and can’t be late to school.
Sometimes we are just ugly.
So, sometimes, we just don’t want to put on our makeup. And God forbid that happens, because all day you hear about it.
“Are you okay?”
“You look like you died.”
“Are you sick?”
“Where’s your makeup?”


Up yours. That’s where.

Put on your big boy pants and get over it. One day you’ll meet a beautiful woman and fall in love, and when she rolls over to meet your eyes in the morning not only will she be bare faced- her breath will probably stink, too.