A real friendship.

In October of 2010, I met someone who undoubtedly changed my life forever.

For one, I hated her.


Everyone loved her. She was beautiful, tan, blonde, sweet, and funny.

She was so nice that it literally made me sick.

I saw her start to hang around bad people and I knew I didn’t want that for her, no matter how jealous I had been.

So, I wrote a little note in History class and passed it around the room to her.

On a little sheet of paper were the words that have bonded two people together for so many years.

We’ve had one fight since the seventh grade. We were on BBM, and she called me a ‘stringy haired bitch’ and I could do nothing but laugh and make up with her.

I cannot ever explain all of the stupid inside jokes we’ve made these passed four years that still make me cry from laughing to this day.

When I was depressed, when I was nothing, she was there. She never let me feel alone. Sometimes she would just listen, others she would just keep reminding me that it would all be okay. (She was right.)

I have a second family within her. An extra papa, nana, and mom. I can’t tell you how many times her Nana’s cooked for me, her Mom has had fun with us, or her Papa has made fun of me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

When I moved two hours away from her, we didn’t grow apart. We haven’t grown apart. We talk everyday, and whenever I get the chance to visit her I take it without question.

Whenever I am upset, I know I can call her. I know no matter what I did, she would never judge me for anything. She never has.

She tells me when she doesn’t agree with something, she never sugar coats things to make sure I don’t have my feelings hurt.

She would lie for me if she had to.

She appreciates EVERYTHING in her life. I have seen her when she’s barely had anything, and she has the biggest smile on her face. I have never seen one person bring her down, no matter how hard that they try.

I have found a friendship in someone that I’ve only known since middle school and she’s one of the best friends and people I’ve ever known.

She is the kindest and most accepting person… I feel bad for anyone in this world that doesn’t have her as a friend, or value her if they do.

I feel bad if you don’t have a friend even half as great as she is.

In the end she “wants her heart to be covered in stretch marks.”

What more could you ever ask of someone?

“It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone. What matters is who came by your side, and never left.”


i love you carley beth


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