My secret to getting rid of black circles

*disclaimer, this is for girls*

We all have them.
Well, maybe not some of us (the lucky ones.)
The black circles.
The bags.
The puffiness red and purple circles.
The ring of death.

Mine are awful.

Literally awful.


So, I am here to share my secret to hiding them.

But… The way I do it is a little strange but heavily effective.

I tried so many concealers, nothing ever worked. It would disappear during the day and my circles show through, it was horrible.

Then I learned this.

Red. Lipstick.

Crazy right???

Don’t knock it till ya try it.

Step 1:
After you prime your face, find a thin red orangey/ coral lipstick. Apply it to your brush and then on your circles.


Step 2:

Without blending in the lipstick, take your orange based concealer if you have one, or concealer of your choice and apply over it and then blend out evenly with a sponge or brush.


Step 3:
Now you can apply your foundation and there you go!! No more black circles. ☺️


The red works so well because red is color correcting for purple and black. I have tried color correcting pallets and nothing worked for me until this.

See if it works for y’all!


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