Suicide- a tribute to my friend.

Every single day everyone we know is battling with something we may never know or understand.

The nicest people are always the most sad it feels like, giving all of their hearts away into people and never getting anything back in return.

It breaks my heart to know that someone that was so nice to me every single day in middle school, always smiling, and always making others smile, and ‘friendliest’ according to who’s who in the yearbook is gone out of this world because of suicide.

People always say how cowardly of an act suicide is, but what’s cowardly and pathetic is making someone feel like they have to commit it.

Today I challenge you:

• Tell someone that you love how much you love them. Let them know what they mean to you.

• Smile or compliment a stranger. You never know if it’s the only smile they get all day.

• Take up for someone getting bullied. Don’t just watch. Do something.

• Make sure you remind yourself that you are important.

The world would be an emptier place without you in it.

Rest in peace to someone who was already an angel before they made it to heaven.


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