Sorry boys, maybe a post for you tomorrow but this one is all for the girls to get over whatever jerk has completely screwed them over.

Maybe you can read it to be sure you aren’t considered a class A jerk.

Let’s just begin here-
Usually the case is these boys are just boys. They are not men. Not even close. They’re immature, inconsiderate, and let’s not forget disrespectful.

If you are serious with a boy and they know you are considered to be serious- there is no excuse for other girls flirting all in their messages, snapchats, and tweets.

“We are just friends.” Is not applicable to exes, passed hook-ups, or the ‘well-known’ girl walking around school.

Is that why they read- oh, I’m sorry- ‘didn’t get your message’ but sure got hers???

If you aren’t serious with him, you aren’t allowed to get jealous. So you just have to get over it.

If you are into someone and they are equally into you- there is no competition.

A guy that makes you feel like you are constantly competing with other girls is not worth your time.

If you are constantly cussed at, inappropriately spoken to at all times, ignored openly, not shown off, and not appreciated… WHY ARE YOU WASTING YOUR TIME??????


I cannot even begin with the talks I have with girls about their boyfriend or people that they’re talking to that just absolutely treat them like trash.

“I mean I know he talks to other girls.. But, I know I’m special.” You’re not.

“He said he won’t do it again…” He will.

“She’s only his best friend because she always snapchats him. He doesn’t reply.” Impossible. He does.

Usually boys turn out this way because:
A) they think it’s cool
B) they were raised that way
C) they weren’t raised at all
D) they may have been hurt before

No matter what the ‘excuse’ or reason, you should not have to put up with it, or deal with it because you love them.

You deserve laughter and replies, and you deserve to be spoken to with respect. You deserve kept promises, and sweet surprises from time to time. You deserve to be taken out and shown off, not kept behind a phone screen and inside of a house. You deserve to be loved and you deserve to be respected.

And when in the world did doing these things for your girl become gay, lame, and whipped?

It’s called being a man.

Grow up.

****DISCLAIMER: for all of the boys that complain about girls doing these things to them- it’s time for you to take the same exact advice.*******

(Not all guys are this way… Promise. I have a wonderful boyfriend, you just have to find the right one ❤️)


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