10 little things to enjoy in life

Enjoying (and noticing) the little things in life can make a huge impact on your happiness and stress.

If you’re a pessimistic person, you’ll probably write off this post and think about how stupid it was when it’s over. You probably won’t even read it. But, if you are one of those people, I encourage you even more to read this so maybe you’ll stop hating life just a little less.

1. When someone holds a door for you.
Have you ever been at school, work, anywhere and someone you don’t even know holds a door for you? It’s the warmest feeling knowing someone took two seconds out of their day to make sure you didn’t get KO’d by a door they let slam shut. It’s important to notice these things and give praise for it- then pass it along.

2. Getting warm undies out of the dryer.
“How stupid does this sound, right?” But, have you ever done it? It’s amazing. It’s like getting into your grandmas 80 degree
house when it’s below freezing outside. It’s like just being with your grandma. (I love my grandparents. 😂)

3. A smile from a stranger.
Isn’t that warming to your heart too? Almost as warm as those underwear. Someone made eye contact with you- someone you don’t even know- and just smiled at you. Just a, “Hey, I hope you’re having a nice day.” And even if you weren’t, I bet you are feeling just a little better now. Right?

4. Just a small gesture from someone you love.
Your brother/sister passing you the remote. Your boyfriend/girlfriend choosing your favorite place to eat, when they’d rather have Moes. That’s love.

5. Something that makes you laugh.
Laughter seriously is the best form of medicine, and how great does it feel to just literally laugh out loud sometimes? Even making someone laugh can brighten your day. It’s great to know you’re freaking hilarious.

6. Eating anything that you enjoy.
One of my most favorite pleasures is eating; and what better way than to live in a country where a platter of chicken and fries can cost under 10 dollars? Or maybe your Mom cooked a delicious dinner you can smell all the way from the driveway when you pull in. Sometimes, even the right school food can hit a good spot if it doesn’t make you sh*t your pants.

If this has never happened to you, I seriously feel so bad for you. Your eyes flutter open and you’re pissed because you’re like, “Do I really have to get up right now?” And then you pick up your phone and- it’s 3:30 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡!! So you happily go back to bed.

8. When you finally get those lyrics right to the rap song.
Okay… So… Maybe this doesn’t apply to everyone….

9. Someone showing they care about you.
“Text me when you get home.”
“How was your day?”
“Put on your seat belt.”
“I got you a surprise.”
“I missed you.”
“I love you.”
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Do you need anything?”
“Watch out, I just stuck my gum under that desk.” Jk

10. Just getting to see the beauty God created.
We live on a beautiful planet, with so many things to enjoy. Just be happy to be alive and well. Sometimes, life sucks. But, not always.

If you’re lucky like me you might have a really cute boyfriend but if not then well just go through this list from time to time.



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